Unknown silver container

I’ve had this silver article around my whole life (83 yrs). It was my mothers given to her by her mother I would guess about 1920 maybe. Might not have been new even then. Anyway I have no idea what it is or what it could be used for. Also the little hooks on the side are odd too. Hope someone can give me an idea what this is. Thanks so much.! oops… copied the same picture twice.001|666x500

I believe this is a butter chiller, where you put ice at the bottom. The hooks on the side would be to hold a master butter knife. I think pretty often butter came in rounds back then.

Hi there, thanks for the information. Yes, I thought it was that.
It was my grandmothers…and I’m 83. Where do you think would be a good place
to sell it…we’re downsizing and have to get rid of a lot of excess stuff!

Probably eBay is a good place, but if it polishes up well, an antique dealer might be good as well. Since it’s not solid silver it’s probably not going to bring in a large price. Otherwise, if you have a friend or relative who’d enjoy it, that might be the best way to handle it.