Unknown silver markings

Hi all, i was hoping one of you can help me identify what these markings mean, I’ve tried to get the best pictures I can but it’s hard to take photos of the small markings.
Also if possible I was hoping someone could tell me what they’re called, when they were made and what they were worth. Any information helps thank you!

I do know that it is made by walker & hall

This is not a Walker & Hall piece; it was made by William Hutton & Sons of Sheffield and is probably a bonbon dish - for a selection of sweetmeats. It is not silver, being either electroplated or possibly nickel plated as I think that I see “N P” after the manufacturers initials. Dating is not possible for this, but late 19th / early 20th century would be a fair estimate. As it has no silver content it has no intrinsic value. Maybe there is some decorative or utility value but it is not going to be especially great.


Thanks alot Phil for your knowledge! Very helpful thank you.