Unknown Silver Ornate Mirror

Just picked this up whilst out searching for collectibles. Does anybody have any idea what this is and what its value could be? I believe it is electroplated Nickel. I am also guessing that this is some kind of commemorative piece.



W.W - I have had a look but many possibilities with these initials.

Your good clear picture shows the letters EPNS (electroplated nickel silver) so it’s definitely plated. Nickel silver is a base metal alloy containing copper, nickel and zinc and the electroplating process deposits a microscopically thin layer of pure silver on the surface. I note that there is also what appears to be a design registration number in the matching position to EPNS on the other side. If you can make out the numbers you can date the design (not necessarily the manufacture) using the data at this link.

Your mirror is part of a dressing table set which would would have had matching brushes, possibly with other dressing table necessaries as well. The engraving may well have been to recognise a golden wedding anniversary but is not part of the design of the mirror itself.

I can’t help with a value but it appears in good condition. The engraving will affect the value negatively as would any plating loss.


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Hi Phil, thanks for getting back to me on this one.

I have looked at the link but the numbers don’t correspond with anything.

I have found someone located in Alabama trying to sell one of these on EBay with the same engraving so I think it may be part of the design rather than personal to someone’s personal circumstances as it has the same years engraved on the back.

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