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Unknown Small Silver Spoon...Help!

Marked J M C S and ?? Any ideas?? Silver content?? Thank you!

No hallmark = not silver. I suspect that would have been another word before “SILVER” on this spoon. Compare, for example the use of “Nevada Silver”, “Argentina Silver”, etc as a trade name for proprietary white base metal alloys.


I no nothing about this spoon and silver/hallmark identification. Is there any significance with the J, M, C, S marks? Are they not hallmark. There is another mark after the letters that I can’t make out.
Thank you for your assistance… Dave

No they are manufacturer’s marks - the company’s initials. A hallmark is a guarantee mark applied by a 3rd party body such as an Assay Office to show that the item is made of the precious metal and at the correct standard.

I can’t work out what the last mark is; it appears to be a symbol of some sort and would normally also be specific to the manufacturer.


Thank you! Any idea who the manufacturer is? I guess I’ll just put it in my thrift store donation pile.

Sorry, no idea on the maker.