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Unmarked abused spoons

I found 6 grey/yellow unmarked spoons with a set of yellowed bowls in England. I figured they could be made of almost anything – but not wood/plastic. The metal feels relatively soft and malleable.

All items were put into a bowl of water with salt and aluminium. There were no bubbles and no sudden remarkable changes, but after a few hours the spoons came out with a similar colour and shine to known silver items.

It looks like the handles came from a mold because they each have the same general flaws in their common pattern, and they are each patterned on only one side, but each spoon is distinct:

They are most symmetrical where the handle meets the bowl of the spoon. However, each spoon has a different thickness and were hand finished - albeit roughly. Each spoon has been cut-off to make what I would describe as “shovel-shaped desert spoons”. That cut is unique to each spoon in method as well as position/angle.

They have each been stamped in uppercase font, but the stamps failed to leave anything intelligible. I think the middle letters are “…RMAN SILV…” On some of the spoons this is followed immediately by a punched square with a raised nipple inside.

I guess this is a misspelling of German Silver (nickel/copper) and I don’t have any nickel to compare them with. These are certainly much softer and brighter than other nickel silvers. Does this suggest they have an above average nickel content. Does that explain why they self-cleaned in the saline water with aluminium?

I don’t know what to make of these spoons. Can you please suggest a history?