Unstamped silver tea set

My father gave this tea set to my mother in the mid 1960’s.
There are no Hallmarks, but it is heavy and was tarnished. We have cleaned some of it, and it appears to be silver, but I’m guessing its a replica of a name brand.
Could I have missed the hallmarks? I looked on the bottom of every piece, and found nothing.

So, I am trying to find out what it is, and a rough value.

photo (3).jpg
silver teapot.jpg
silver tray 1.jpg

I forgot to add,
One of the post that hold the pot in the cradle over the burner is missing. Forgot to take a pic of it. There are four, and they stick out 2 on each side, and sit in the framework above the burner unit holder. One got knocked off, and is missing.

Is it possible to buy parts for these?

Also, the hinges on two of the pots have come loose from the tops. Can these be resoldered, I am assuming any jeweler can do this. If not, what method is used to attach these.

My mom wanted to start selling some items to help finance some needed medical problems.
My daughter wants these items, so I am trying to derive a fair price to give her for them.
From what I have gathered so far, there’s likely more sentimental value than cash value, but since it was a gift from my father, I won’t be telling her that, if its so. I don’t mind overpaying.

Any help is appreciated!!!

Hi and thanks for joining us. No purity marks (UK hallmarks, USA “sterling”, etc) means 99.99% of the time it is not silver. Probably silver plated over some base metal like copper. Sorry, but little or no commercial value. It would be virtually impossible to reproduce the missing parts at a reasonable cost. The hinges should be fairly easy for a jeweler to repair.

Keep it in the family for its sentimential value.


Uncle Vic