Unsure of age and maker

It looks like there’s shield with “C B & S” in it. Next to that there’s a crown, lion and u. I don’t know what the u stands for.

Below that it’s stamped 925. There’s marks on both sides of it which I can’t make out.

I know it’s British and sterling, but could someone tell me about how old it is, who the maker is and about how much they’re worth?

There are actually 2 hallmarks here. First, though, the maker CB&S is Cooper Brothers & Sons, a Sheffield company.

The crown, lion and “u” are a Sheffield hallmark for 1937. Below that is the second hallmark; this is a Dublin (Ireland) import mark with the Irish date letter W for 1938.

For a realistic value I suggest that you check out Ebay’s “Sold” listings. Coffee bean spoons come up quite regularly so you should be able to form a good idea of the value - but it won’t be very much. I don’t think that the Dublin mark will add anything beyond curiosity value.


They were free, so any value is a bonus. Thanks for the info.