Unusual mark in silver bowl

Hi can anyone help with this? Silver disc embedded in the bottom of a silver dish with wooden bottom - anyone throw any light on the mark and also the purpose of the dish? Given wooden bottom would suggest for ![tasselled hat man - thinking something hot, has felt bottom, is shallow about 3" high. No other visible hallmarks. This likely emerged from my great great great grandfather in law’s historic coaching inn in Banbury, The White Lion. Any help much appreciated.

As you don’t show a picture of the whole dish I can only speculate that it could be a bottle coaster. The form of a metal/silver rim with a wooden base and felt underneath to prevent scratching a polished table, together with a central disk to engrave your family armorial is typical of such a coaster.

You may be able to find a family name to go with the armorial by looking through “Fairbairn’s Crests”, several freely-browsable copies of which can be found by searching the net. Note that it also comes in different editions so you may have to search more than one volume.