Unusual Shreve&Co Sterling Silver Caster/Shaker

Unusual Shreve&Co Sterling Silver Caster/Shaker probably from the Aestetic Movement period but no date on the bottom, just a unusual Shreve&Co hallmarks. I cannot find any other one similar to this caster from Shreve&Co.
A french expert told me it was probably from the early years of the company. It would be mid 19th Century I guess but again…just a guess.
The shaker measures 1 7/8 inches wide and 5 1/4 inches tall.
Can someone tell me if it’s an exceptional Item or not and it’s possible year of manufacture? I also wonder what it’s value is.
Thanks a lot for your expertise and opinion.

Hi there and thanks for joining us. George and S.S. Shreve first opened a jewelry shop in about 1852 but incorporated Shreve & Co. shortly before 1900. The company stopped using two distinct logo maker’s marks in about 1918 and thereafter just used “Shreve & Co.” so your item dates after 1918. It does not appear to be of remarkable design and I would venture a value in the $25-50 range. The large Shreve store on Union Square in San Francisco is still there, but sadly the extensive display of antique Shreve silver they kept on semi-public display in the basement has been removed.


Uncle Vic

Thanks a lot Uncle Vic. Super forum with educated answers.
II will come back with more challenging Items. 8^)