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Update to my need for help.

I was finally able to scan the bottom of my two sterling bowls to show the hallmarks.

Bowl #1 - Has a knight with a plume from the top of his helmet with his head turned sideways. The bottom part is oval going into his shoulders. On the oval part is “S” or possibly an “8”.

Bowl # 2 - Has “B.S.C” (after scanning the bottom it looks more like a “C”)
925 file

Above the word “sterling” scratched into it are the letters: o/s/n…or if you read the word “sterling” upside down, the letters are: n/s/o…very weird.

I appreciate any help. I’ve looked all over the Internet and I have the “Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers” and have gone through it page by page with no luck.


Fluted bowl.JPG
bsc plate.JPG

Hi there Margaret, and thanks for joining us. Your “B.S.C.” is probably Bixby Silver Co. of Providence, R.I. in business from 1896 until 1909. The “925/1000 FINE” mark was common at that time along with the word “sterling”. Good example is Mauser.

The mark on the other bowl I don’t see in my books on a quick look…will look some more. What about it, silver people??? I’ve seen the mark before, but can’t put my hands on it, give us some ideas.


Uncle Vic

Thanks, Uncle Vic for your help. I look forward to finding out about the 2nd mark.

You are a real help to so many…thank you.


Margaret - I’m pretty sure the second mark is that of Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. of Wallingford, CT which was formed in 1895 and absorbed into International Silver Co. in 1898. International used the mark well into the 20th century. I found the mark on


Uncle Vic

That’s it, Uncle Vic…thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.