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use and identification,shaving mugs

Hello,my first post and I have some “rookie” questions.Firsyt I have 2 antique shaving mugs , one is in the process of being cleaned and the other is in great shape but not sure of the use based upon the compartments.
First is an Apollo silver plate Mermaid mug and the 2nd is a J Tufts Utility shaving Mug with a date of Dec 25,'81.
Any guidance on either would be appreciated and especially on removing heavy tarnish.
It appears as though your website will not accept bmp files, any guidance?
My Regards,

You will need to convert your bmp files to another format. gif jpeg jpg png tif are all OK. If you do not have a graphics program which will allow “Save As” in one of these formats there is an online file conversion utility at