Using to prepare images for silver-collector

This is very, very easy!


Click browse and select the picture you want to resize.

Click continue.

On the next page there are three options.

1.Select Area: here you can crop your image. If you don’t want to crop it, you can skip this section. To crop: click once for the top left corner and once for the bottom right. DO NOT click/drag - it doesn’t work. When you have the right bit selected, click ‘Crop Selection’.

  1. Choose New Size: select ‘Custom Size’. If your picture is ‘Portrait’ (tall and thin), enter 500 in height and select pixels from the drop down menu. If your picture is ‘Landscape’ (short and wide), enter 500 in width and select pixels from the drop down menu.

  2. Special Effects: select none.

At the bottom of the page, select ‘jpg’ from the ‘save as’ drop down menu and select ‘resize pic’.

On the next page, select ‘Click Here to Download/Save As’ and save your resized image to your computer.

That’s it! Start posting!