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Value of 1780's Sterling Buckles -

I think these are late 1700 silver shoe buckles with King George lll, Lion Passant, Date letter is small f and makers mark is CR… Also has a 9 (size)
Any idea of valvue would be appreciated…
Silver Shoe Buckle.jpg

A good photo of the marks would help - in what shape cartouche is the ‘CR’?

I’ve attached images of the makers mark on these buckles …well as best I can…
CR makers mark.jpg

To get an idea of value try looking at the completed section on the famous online auction site. There are some there that fit your description.
Your date attribution makes the maker’s mark rather puzzling to me, perhaps others may know. Could it be a ‘GR’?


It could be GR…What famous auction are you referring to?
silver buckel markings.jpg

It also says “Left” and “Right” on the back…
Back of silver buckel.jpg


Grimwade lists a Charles Rapley working s a buckle maker in St. Martin’s Court, Crown Fields, London from 1777, but none with the initials GR.

It definitly is CR …what would these be worth?
makers mark CR.png

It’s probably Charles Rawlings but the date mark would clarify it… I think…
See below
Date mark (500x375).jpg