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Value of 2 antique silver teapots

Hi, I am trying to obtain information on 2 antique silver teapots that I have as I wish to sell them. I have included a close up of the hallmarks for each. If anyone has any information on the maker, place of origin, year and approximate value, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Teapot 2.jpg
Teapot 1.jpg

HA is Atkin Brothers and the hallmark is Sheffield, 1910. HA stands for Harry Atkin. This piece is actually a hot water jug rather than a tea pot and would have been the fourth piece in a 4-piece tea service (teapot, creamer, sucrier and hot water jug - for topping up the pot).

The other mark is GN over RH for Nathan & Hayes (George Nathan & Ridley Hayes) and the hallmark is Birmingham, 1894.

For values I suggest you check out the completed auctions pages on eBay. For a lowest possible value you can use the scrap value (Google “scrap silver calculator” and remember that sterling is .925 pure).

If you do decide to sell make sure to polish them so that they look their best.

Thank you very much–I have something to work with now. I will continue my research.

Definitely you should polish the teapots it looks new, I too get glass teapots from kitchen kite’s online. you too could considerate to them about that.