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Value of Elkington silver plate and another general enquiry.


I have a silver plate oval meat carver measuring approximately 51 cm x 39 cm. It has a fine rope-like rim and weights a fraction over 4 lbs and a fraction less than 2 kg. Theew is an eagle? with spread wings on the top edge. The carving surface has light carving knife scratches on the surface

The hall mark underneath is a five-part stamp.

  1. An illegible mark in a shield.

2, 3 and 4. E & Co.

  1. Capital F.

2 -5 are in a rectangle with chopped-off corners.

It seems to be Elkington plate, 1868.

Does it have any value?

Another general enquiry…

1950s Viners ‘King John’ cutlery canteen in beautiful, 4-legged mahogany table-height cabinet which has been recently re-varnished. Hinged opening display top (believed to be walnut veneer) and drawer under with red velvet lining.
Would grace any home.
A1 EPNS30, 15DWTS per doz. 153 piece set, no longer manufactured. Immaculate condition.

Does this have any value?

Kind regards,

George Major.

The normal response to valuation questions about electroplate is that it has little commercial value. However I believe that both of the items you describe should have some value. I am very reluctant even to give you a ball-park figure on these as I think that they need to be actually seen in order for a sensible value to be given.

Thank you Mr. Moderator.

I shall try to get some photographs taken.

Kind regards,