Value of Holland Ware Scrolled Silver/Etched Glass Bowl

This is marked Holland Ware. The ring that holds the etched glass is scrolled with images of people, animals and other items. It is tarnished, but no damage to silver or glass. The etching is only on the lip on both sides of the piece. WMMTS is stamped on the bottom along with Holland Ware and FRON COP what LOOKS like a signature, but I cannot read the signature. Looks like “dix”, but not at all sure. There is a symbol of a triangle with two dots on either side. I can’t see what is inside the triangle. It measures about 6 inches across and about 3 inches tall. Hope you can get a better idea by the attached picture. Thanks for any help you can give. I am asking for help on one more silver piece, too. You may email me directly if you wish at

why dont you post picture of marks?

The other one looks like silverplated -and this one is very likely also plated.