Value of service, how to sell

Hello, I have inherited two lovely coffee services. The first is a large tray, coffee/tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl. It is stamped Wilcox 7066 IS Pat 114-241 Hand chased. I’ve done some research and found that Wilcox merged into International Silver. I’ve found one similar service that sold through an antique dealer. Is there any way to estimate the value of this set? Both the insurable value and the realistic amount we might expect to receive if we sold it? I am an ebayer but I don’t know that ebay is the proper venue for selling something like this. Any advice? I appreciate any and all help.

(The other service I think I will keep as it is sentitmental to me - it is a Reed & Barton “1795 Winthrop” set with two pots, a tray, a creamer, sugar dish and open bowl. I’d love to have some idea of it’s value as well)

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Your set was made by the Wilcox Silver Plate Co. of Meriden, Conn. which was one of the orginal companies that merged to form the International Silver Co. in 1898. International continued to use the Wilcox name and marks after 1898. American silverplated sets such as this have little or no commercial value vs. those made of sterling silver.

Actually, we have found that a careful search of the “completed auctions” on eBay is very helpful in determining a value range for silver and silverplated items. That way you can see what sold and what did not, and the actual price that sold items fetched.


Uncle Vic