value of tea set

I have a 5 piece sterling silver coffee/tea set, It has the coffee pot, tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl, and the tray, It has on the bottom of it just the standing lion and made in england, I would like to know its value,
Thank You

What makes you think it is silver? I suspect it is more likely to be electroplated as there are no hallmarks nor other indications of fineness such as “sterling”. In the absence of such indications electroplate is the normal conclusion.

For a rough value I suggest that you check out the completed auctions section of eBay. This will give an indication of what people are prepared to pay.

The research that I have done indicates the mark on the bottom of these items is the lion rampant from england.

Scottish hallmarks (not English) use a lion rampant where English hallmarks have a lion passant. Although your mark looks like a lion rampant it is not a hallmark - it is a manufacturer’s trade mark. I think the company is C H Collins of Birmingham. Check out this page from