Vaughton Birm. "The Model Engineer"

Hi all

I recently inherited a few items from my late grand-father, Percy G Rose (chief designer at Morris Commercial in the 30s-40s) including a silver medal that was awarded to him, titled “The Model Engineer”.

It has very clear markings and I know it was minted by Vaughton in Birmingham (“VAUGHTON” “BIRM”).

The hallmark has the Lion Passant and Birmingham anchor marks, followed a capital X.

I suspect it was minted and/or awarded about 1946, going by some auction-related search results I found online, however those links did not have any photos.

Are you able to tell me any more about this hallmark, and maybe even the medal itself? Any help or info gratefully received.


The hallmark indicates an assay date of 1922 (it’s actually a lower case x). “Model Engineer” is a magazine which first appeared in 1898 and is still being published. I suspect that this was an award for some sort of project which may have appeared in the magazine about that time. Perhaps you should try getting in touch with the publishers of the magazine - they may have archive records and/or back numbers going back that far.

Thanks for the reply.

I have found an online index for the magazine and have located 3 articles in the magazine relating to P.G.Rose, one of which was an entry in the Model Engineers Exibition competition in 1923 - so it appears that this medal may well have been as a result of that.

Thanks again