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Very Odd Mark - I'm Lost PLEASE HELP!!


I’m hoping someone can help identify this mark. I’m very lost and spent over 4 hours trying to find SOMETHING on the web! We found this sweet little piece among my late mother in law’s belongings. Her family immigrated to the US from England and Scotland around 1900. I’m thinking this is a little snuff box? It measures only 1" x 1/2" in diameter. The lid removes. One the lip under the lid it is hallmarked. I have included the pictures. I’m so lost. I can’t tell if the first picture is a lion (but it would seem to be facing the wrong way) or is it 2 separate pictures? I think I found that the anchor is Birmingham and the letter indicates 1830…yes? After the hallmark is says, “Sterling” then a B 20…what the heck is that??? Then a small design…is this an artists signature?? I’m so lost with this one but we would REALLY love to identify this - if someone with more experience could please help!! THANK YOU!!!


I’ve still been sitting and searching the web…I’m thinking maybe not English at all, but American Gorham??? Not sure of the date & still lost though on the B 20 and the little “squiggle”!


Hi there, Lizzy, and thanks for joining us. It is indeed Gorham and the “squiggly” thing is actually a sickle, which is the Gorham date symbol for 1899. The “B 20” is a pattern or model number.


Uncle Vic


Uncle Vic - I’ve have been reading through posts and you are SO knowledgeable! Thank you so much for your help! May I be so bold to ask if you have any idea what it is? I was thinking some kind of pill or snuff box - but it is so little. Only an 1" x 1/2". And I added a photo - there is an odd little slope to a hole on the edge. You can see just the hole when the lid is on. I guess I should also post my question under the “what is it”! I’m thinking silver may become my new collecting addiction.


Lizzy - I’d guess a thread dispenser for sewing? Probably was matched with a thimble. Put the thread inside, pull some off and down the slot to the hole, then put the cover on and the thread could be pulled out without tangling.


Uncle Vic