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very old bowl

This was is a box with old silver, no names on it, very solid bowl is 4inch wide 1.5inch tall

Could this be silver?

Hi there filmnet and thanks for joining us. As others have pointed out, when a post does not get any responses that means we are all stumped, not that we are not looking. In your case, the lack of any marks is almost always fatal to our being able to identify the maker and composition of the item. The only way to tell what your bowl is make of would be to have it chemically tested. Many jewelers (and pawn shops) are equipped to test silver and gold using an acid method.

As a general rule, if an item is not marked with an appropriate silver mark, it is not solid silver. For whatever its worth, your bowl “looks” to me like its origin is central or south America - it just has that “look”.


Uncle Vic

heh, it looks to me like someones put it on the hob. It may be silver, its just too hard to work out with no marks. It would only be worth scrap value, as the holes etc would make it unusable