Victorian dressing table set

Victorian Dressing Table Set 1873, what may it be worth?

I have a Victorian ‘dressing table set’ It comprises eight glass jars/cylinders, each having ten facets and a solid silver monogramed cap. The cylindrical jars vary from 110mm to 185mm in height, some having push-on and others screw-on (with cork seals) caps. As you will see, from the pictures, the silver tops also have a crest.

In addition there is also a 330mm long (ivory/bone?) barbers leather strop. This also has the monograme upon it and a leather pouch to cover the centre portion. There is also a wood ‘stylus’ having a (bronze?) turned finial with a flat end to it.

From my investigations of the hallmarks I believe that the silver caps were made by James Beebe in London in 1873; although with your knowledge you may be able to clarify this for me.

I would appreciate knowing if you have any idea as to its probable value. If you require any further information, or more detailed (higher resolution) pictures, then please just let me know.[/img]
Hallmark 01.jpg
silver 03.jpg
silver 02.jpg

You may find a value by checking out eBay completed auctions. With an 1873 date it won’t be James Beebe, who was not active then, but there are several other JBs that it could be.