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Victorian Fruit Penknife

A confused novice
The Birmingham ‘O’ of 1888, to me, is clear, however there is no monarch’s head (Although I realise this was discontinued in 1890). The maker’s mark is ‘T.M’, which would indicate that it could be Thomas Millington, but, apparently, he only worked between 1824-1834. Thomas Marples looks likely, as he was renowned for fruit knives, but this particular hallmark has a pellet between the letters. Sorry to prattle on, but perhaps an expert can help. … r/HALL.jpg … /BLADE.jpg

Yes, it’s almost certainly Thomas Marples, who was actually a Sheffield manufacturer, hence the speciality in knives. He certainly used a very similar mark with the stop between the letters at Sheffield so probably used it for Birmingham assayed silver too.

I assume that you have been looking at my web site for Millington’s dates, but you should be aware that these dates only represent the time span for which I have seen any particular maker’s mark and do not indicate the full working life of the maker.

Many thanks for that, the pellet was confusing …
I guess your site is ‘Silver Maker’s Marks’?
Absolutely fantastic site, I wouldn’t be able to research without it.
Many many thanks

AND by the way … am now unable to sell this on the well known auction site because of knife regulation.
Any ideas would be appreciated

I notice that they are still being sold there - described as fruit peelers.