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Victorian Powder Jar

HI Guys,
I’ve aquired this hefty Victorian dressing table jar, the makers mark of which has me puzzled. … =Hall1.jpg … t=jar1.jpg … t=jar1.jpg
I have this as London 1887, but the maker, to me, looks like either Jane Brownett (pellet between letters) - or Joseph Braham (but the mark I’ve found has no pellet).
Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks

I would identify this as Jane Brownett’s mark. Braham’s mark has the pellet at mid-letter height.

Many thanks. but the only record that I have of Joseph Braham is one with no pellet between letters.
Very many thanks for yr info.

My source is John Culme, page 166. He shows Braham’s mark without pellet registered 19 May 1885 and marks with mid-height pellets registered 14 March 1898 and 13 December 1899.