Victorian Wick Trimmer Set ?

Victorian wick snuffer set ? Hello, what a great site!! I have a wick cutter and tray set that have hall marks I can not find anywher. Any help or push in the right direction would be appreciated. I think this is late 18th century. The three marking appear to me to be script lettering, 2 icons of castles back to back( that or 2 sea turtles!) and a large letter V. I am posting pictures, I did use the webs advice, but they are still a little blurry. Tray measures 10" in lenght and has the # 59 stamped on the back. The trimmers are 6 3/4". Let me know if more info is needed and thank you in advance. MARGARET[/img]

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Your wick scissors and tray look to be Old Sheffield plate rather than Victorian Electroplate, and judging from the style I would say regency or slightly later in period, so probably from around the 1830’s. The base metal on the tray looks like copper, and i guess the scissors are aswell (the base metal of electroplate is nickel).

Unfortunately I cannot read the picture of the marks, so can’t tell you much more about them. Can you decscribe the script lettering to me? or tell me what the first letter is as this will help alot.

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Thank you so much for a speedy reply and a wonderful web site. The plate does look very copperish in the photo and after I cleaned it up a bit , it is silver with the floral area at either end showing a bronze or copper color coming through. The snippers may or may not be a part of this set, as far as the letters, they appear to be written in script, 2 lines possible : Per, Der, Dir along those lines, the second line I could swear spells me. Unusual I know, I wish I had a better picture. I will be gone for the rest of the afternoon, but will be home later today, if you have any more quesions. I really appreciate and admire your knowledge! thanks again, Margaret

Hi Margaret,
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Ok, from the mark you have described I have a pretty good idea who the maker is, it is J. Prime, who was registered as working in Birmingham in 1839. His mark is actually PRI over ME, but the letters are joined up so can be hard to read. He was a close plate manufacturer (silver plated on iron) but he also made in Old Sheffield plate. Your set is therefore Old Sheffield as I thought, but is a little later than I had realised, probably dating from around 1840 (as soon after this electroplate came into being and replaced Old Sheffield plate).

I hope this helps a little, please let me know if you need any thing else.
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