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vintage marked 100% silver 47 gram necklace help please.

Hi, I have a Vintage Signed “100% Solid Silver 34-1/4” Chain Necklace - 47 Grams.

I was wondering what you all think it is worth? Here are some pictures.$T2eC16NHJGIE9nnWpUFtBP9I3Fg7ZQ~~60_1.JPG$T2eC16ZHJHgE9n0yG+pDBP9I29VRfg~~60_57.JPG$T2eC16NHJIQE9qUHsFi4BP9I3KLiyQ~~60_57.JPG$T2eC16VHJF8E9nnC7NzMBP9I3Bgfng~~60_57.JPG$T2eC16JHJHEE9ny2p6m7BP9I3ZI0kw~~60_57.JPG

Thanks for all your help in advance!

I don’t think we normally give exact values to items, and suggest a visit to the completed sections in the well known auction site for a guide may help.
However in this instance & to be honest, the scrap value for silver at the moment is around 47p per gram. Ironically your necklace, if marked as silver, weighs 47 grams. So a quick calculation = £22.09
This is not written in stone but may be a guide.

Best regards

Thank you for much for the reply, I really appreciate it.

On that note I am not quite sure where the completed sections is, I was looking and didn’t see it. If you could point me in the right direction, thank you.

And that 47p to the 47g is slightly funny thank you. :slight_smile:

That was very helpful, much obliged.

Sincerely -