Visiting woodturner asking for help

Hiya guys,

Yep, what on earth is a woodturner doing blundering into a metal work forum? :slight_smile:

I am turning a piece of oak to hold a silver plated candle stand. There is a hallmark on the back and I would like to identify as much as I can before mounting it.

This is what I think I know so far:
The piece is silver plated and the first 3 stamps (JD & S) refer to the maker, James Deakin and Sons.
The fourth stamp appears to be the letters KPNS
The final stamp looks like it was an ‘oops’ moment by the stamper. It is an heraldic shield on it’s side with what appears to be two volcanoes on top of each other, with the top one erupting.

If possible, I would like to be able to put a date to the item. Just for interest sake.

I am off to the ‘how to clean silver plate’ forum but shall be back soon!
Many thanks for reading, and I hope someone can dig out an answer for me. I know much more about silver now than any respectable woodturner should know. :slight_smile:

EPNS - Electro Plated Nickle Silver

I am getting there, just the last one to identify

The last mark is Deakin’s trade mark, an oil lamp (on its side here). It probably dates to the late 19th century but it’s impossible to be very accurate with electroplate.

Excellent, thanks silvermakersmarks.

I had just found it myself on - I am glad you described it as an oil lamp, the only text descriptions I found were ‘Trumpet with hanging banner’. It looked nothing like that to me!

The firm ceased trading on the day WW2 broke out and before that changed hands, so your date makes sensee.

Thanks for the help, it makes a nice little story to the person than buys it.


The “trumpet with banner” is the trade mark of James Dixon & Sons - another company entirely.