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W.B. Kerr Sterling Art Nouveau Case

I’ve inherited a case from my late uncle. I’ve searched long and hard to get as much info on it as I can, before asking for anyone elses time :stuck_out_tongue: But now, I’m stuck.

What I (think I) know:

Made by William B. Kerr & Co, I believe between 1855-1892
It is signed, and Sterling. It has the earlier axe hallmark, so guessing it was made before the company changed hands. And has the series number (?) 1198


Clasp, Hinge, and inside spring mechanisms in perfect working order.
No dents, a little dingy (though I prefer my personal pieces a little tarnished)
There are 2 scratches on the back, one might be buff-able, and the other…might even be a manufacturing flaw? as it looks like something circular pushed on it rather than scratched it…if that makes sense, Though its not a scratch I’m rambling

I have been unsuccessful in finding ANY other examples of this type of case from W.B.Kerr…its usually bowls or grooming sets. So I have no clue what its value might be.
If I were to sell, is better to clean and shine the piece? or leave it dingy?..well sounds silly when I type it out, polished I’m guessing?

Thank you in advance for any insight <3
I am also posting this elsewhere for any help further identifying it.

We sold two similar cigarette cases from William B. Kerr last year, one for $359 (


Thank you very much :slight_smile: