W.B. Kerr Sterling Art Nouveau Case


I’ve inherited a William B. Kerr sterling case, though it’s too small for standard cigarettes or business cards (roughly 6 cm x8 cm).

Beautiful art nouveau raised pic of a naked fairy with daffodils.

Clasp, hinge, and inner spring mechs work perfectly.

Scripty CLW initials engraved on back.

I would love to know more about the series number (if that’s what it is)
if there are lists somewhere to identify this particular one: 1198
Or if one of you recognize it.
I know he had an “American Beauty” series: 1447

I would also like to know, if its a cigarette case, why so little?
and any other information would be great! (date, birthplace etc :smiley: )

Thank you so much, in advance!


Hi there Vermook and thanks for joining us. Kerr was located in Neward, NJ and used that mark until 1892 when it changed to a fleur-de-lis. I agree that the number is probably a pattern number. I’d guess the case is for cards of some kind (although hand-rolled cigarettes were really short back then), and further guess the date at post-1880 simply because the word “sterling” only became commonly used on American silver about that time.

It is a very pretty design and in excellent condtion. I’d estimate the value at $100-200. I’m with you on not polishing it.


Uncle Vic

Thanks very much Uncle Vic :smiley: