W&H marks

Curious about these marks. I seem to find information on the W&H in the flag, but it conflicts with the other marks. Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but it is the W&H flag, a cursive E in a shield, 1839 and 37. Any info on age or maker would be appreciated. Thanks.

W&H in a pennant is Walker & Hall of Sheffield. This is an electroplate mark so we have no hallmarks to give a date. However W&H used a date coding system of their own devising and the cursive or script E is the date code… Unfortunately there is no reference for W&H date codes so I cannot give you a date. However one of our contributors is working on W&H dates and may be able to help. 1839 is most likely a pattern number.

Thank you for your reply. I would be very interested in the date information when available.


Sorry for the delay in posting a reply. THat is the date cosde for 1888.