W&H spoon

I have a spoon which I think might be

  1. Walker & Hall
  2. Sheffield
  3. electroplated C grade
  4. 1960s

Can someone let me know whether I’ve hit the [hall]mark?

Sorry, couldn’t resist the bad pun.

W&H spoon.jpg

All OK except for the date which I think may be early 1900’s.

Is there any way I can date the year exactly?

I am guessing the T in the shield-shaped stamp is the year?
Is there a chart that I can refer to that will tell me the exact year?

Also, is there any particular name for the style of decoration?
W&H spoon 2.jpg

Yes, the T (or is it a Greek tau?) is the date code, but as yet there are no published tables of these. One of our contributors is working on the codes and may be able to pin down the year when he visits.

The decoration in the bowl of your preserve spoon seems to have been engraved. The moulded pattern on the handle is Kings Pattern.

Thanks so much!

You guys are great. It’s very kind of you to create these forums and answer all these questions.

I really appreciate it.

(from Sydney Australia!)


That is a jam spoon with the date code for 1902.