Walker and Hall Canteen

I have a Walker and Hall Canteen. It contains a mix of sets. The Walker and Hall cutlery is:

  • 5 Tablespoons
  • 6 soup spoons
  • 12 dessert spoons
    -11 dessert forks
    Other cutlery in canteen:
    The knives are:
  • 5 dinner and 5 dessert knives Barrow Everbright
  • 4 dinner knives and 4 dessert knives Forth Stainless
  • 1 Walker and Hall Dessert knife
  • 1 Martin Hall Dessert knife
  • 2 Walker and Hall ‘non stain’ dinner knives
  • 1 W R Humphreys (my name!) Dessert knife
  • 1 JW Carpenter Dinner knife
  • 1 True Harrods Dinner Knife
  • 1 A Breed Cutler Dessert Knife
    Also they have initials I assume for whom the service was a gift, but I cannot read them.
    I know that’s a lot. Any thoughts on what such a thing or things might be worth? And how do I read those initials? It may be a grandparent’s.

The monogram is just “H” - upside down in your picture. Electroplate has no intrinsic value as there is no particular silver content. Take a look at Ebay’s “sold” listings to get an idea of what EP sets are selling for. Note that having a mixture of manufacturers and an owner’s initial is not going to help any value.


Thanks again, Phil. I’ll have a look.