Walker and Hall Teapot

Please Help! I received this teapot as a gift years ago. I never used it and have no idea of its value? I’m interested in selling it and would like more information.
Bottom inscriptions say:
Silver Cutlers
I tried to upload pictures but they would not go through. The teapot itself is about 12cm tall, 14cm long and 9cm wide and is more square shaped. It has scalloped/ridged metal about halfway down extending to the bottom, while the top half and opening/lid area are smooth with filigree type carvings. It has a hinged attached lid with a decorative black either wooden or resin topper held in place by a wing nut inside the lid. The handle is also either resin or wooden, black, and measures 16cm at the curve. The spout, which looks so well used that the tip is warped, is also scalloped with ridges on the bottom half, while smooth at the top half.
Does anyone know what I have? I live in Montana, USA and have noticed most of the information online states these are British design.
Thank you for your time!

You have a teapot by Walker & Hall of Sheffield. It is almost certainly electroplated rather than solid silver. Sheffield was a major centre for electroplate, silver and cutlery (knives) and Walker & Hall were one of the larger companies operating there from late 19th to mid to late 20th century.

Thank you very much for that, it’s helps to know what I have! Would anyone be able to estimate a value for a teapot if this period? I do believe it is silver plated, in average condition with some wear showing. It could use a cleaning and polishing but some of the silver appears lifted or corroded.
I so appreciate the helpful people who can tell me more! It seems the only other way to learn is to. It books and I haven’t a clue where to begin.
Best regards!