Walker and Hall Teapot

This teapot is hallmarked - Walker and Hall, City of Sheffield, Sterling, 1881. The handle is currently detachable (!) so a restoration project. It weighs around 550g. What sort of value does it have in this condition please?

Sorting out the handle is no big deal for a silversmith.

Depending on size and weight, anything between £100 - £150 would be reasonable.

Thanks - very helpful.

It weights 550g - about 19ozs with handle and is 7"tall to tip of the lid.


I have the identical (or near identical) teapot, with creamer and sugar however mine is marked Kendel & Dent 106 Cheapside.

I did a little digging on Kendel & Dent and I understand they are watchmakers, but can’t find any reference to them making tea sets.

Would there be a reason for identical sets, but different marks? Please shed some light on these identical pots!