Walker and Hall Year?


I got this tea service recently at a local auction but I can’t find what the year is. I know the 17070 is the style or batch but I would like to find out the date/any other information if anyone can help at all it would be much appreciated! I have attached pictures of all 4 bottoms.

Walker & Hall used a private date-coding system on some of their electroplate but not on your tea service. I am not aware of any reference for dating by pattern number so I don’t think that you will get a date for it.


I believe that the “Made in England” marking denotes a manufacture date of the early 20th century or later (1920s or later).

Your tea set is EPBM, which is Electro Plated Britannia Metal. Unfortunately Walker & Hall did not mark such pieces with a specific date letter. The purpose of which was to assess how long the plating had lasted on a silver plated piece, if or when it came back to the workshop for replating. EPBM is not suitable for replating, so a precise manufacturing date was not necessary. It is an alloy of 92% tin, 6% antimony, and 2% copper.

Your tea set does feature in a Walker & Hall catalogue of the early 1930s and one from 1935. So I think that it can be safely dated to the 1930s.


Thank you so much for this info!