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Walker & Hall (1680?) Teapot

My mum has recently come home with this tea pot from a market

we are just wantting to know if it was made in 1680?
if it is realy silver?
and if it is worth anything?

as we dont know anyone who knows iv posted on here

can anyone help?

Unfortunately it’s not silver as it does not have any hallmarks. It is in fact electroplate and 1680 is a pattern number not a date of manufacture. Electroplate comprises an almost vanishingly thin layer of pure silver on a base metal so the teapot has no value for its silver content. It may be worth a few pounds (possibly up to £20 or so) depending upon its condition and particularly on the condition of the plating.


Walker & Hall did have a date letter system for their Electro Plated Nickel Silver (EPNS) pieces, but your tea pot appears to be Electro Plated Britannia Metal (EPBM), so unfortunately accurate dating is not possible. As ‘Silvermakersmarks’ said, the 1681 number is a pattern number and not a date. If it was, it would be one of Europe’s earliest tea pots. The configuration of the ‘Walker & Hall, Sheffield, England’ markings date it to a period of approximately 1891-1916.

Hope this helps,