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Dear Silver Collector Forum

We have a Walker & Hall silver coloured flower/petal shaped bowl (the marking is W&H in a flag and the code is H52391) and also marked with The Globe Club on the base of the bowl.

Please do you know what the bowl is made out of? Thank you.

More importantly, we would like to know if possible please where The Globe Club was and what type of club. We know that our late Victorian/early Edwardian family the Thrashers/Jezards/Courtenays/Atkins/Courts were involved in the theatre and lived in Holborn where the Walker & Hall showroom was located and then in Kensington/Earls Court/Fulham.

Thank you very much for your help.

Your bowl is almost certainly electroplated as the marks you describe do not include a silver hallmark. However in order to find out more about the Globe Club I think it would be useful to be able to date the bowl. Walker & Hall often included a proprietary date mark on their plated ware so a picture of the marks would help.

Thank you very much - we’ll organise a photo of the bowl and markings