Walker & Hall cake stand

This is a photo of a square Walker & Hall cakestand which belomged to my mother. I believe it was a wedding present in 1948 which she never actually used. It is in perfect condition, including the glass shelves.

I cannot photograph the hallmark (I’ve had several attempts and followed all your suggestions but to no effect). It shows the imprsessions ‘W&A’ also’T’ then the number 52298A1 (sideways to the rest), and finally the number 107.

Can you tell me more about it, please?

I assume you have made a typo as it would not be by Walker & Hall if it says “W&A”. As you do not describe anything which sounds like a silver hallmark it is going to be electroplate rather than silver.

Photographing marks through a magnifying glass works quite well I have found. However it may not be worth the effort as I don’t think anybody is going to be able to tell you anything more about it; you already know the maker, approximate date and what it is.