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Walker Hall Epergne Candelabra Centrepiece

Antique Silverplated Epergne 3 arm candelabra. Made by Walker Hall, Sheffield, England. Dated 1884. Warranted Hard & Silver Soldered. EPN5 17" tall and 10" wide.

Looking for more details about this piece as well as estimated value

1884 is not a date; it’s more likely a pattern number or some other sort of factory identification for the piece. In its current state value is a matter for conjecture. With electroplate the condition of the plating is very important so you will need to clean it, first with soap and water and then with a good quality silver polish. This will show whether there are any areas of plating loss which would seriously affect the value. For a possible value I suggest that you look at completed auctions on Ebay, searching for “epergne” in the silver plate section of the antiques category. You will not find anything exactly like yours but you should be able to get a feel for likely values.

The symbol under the Walker & Hall flag mark is a date code. If you can post a clear picture of it we may be able to give you a manufacturing date.