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Walker & Hall help if anyone can please

Hi, we have been passed a Walker & Hall tea set - there are 3 lidded pots, small jug and two handled pot. The only marks we can see are the W&H pennant flag, Walker & Hall Sheffield ENgland, a number which I presume is the model ie 1627 and another number on each piece: one is 77, one 88 etc. Some also have a Patent Handle number. We been told that they are circa 1898 but we aren’t sure. Would anyone be able to help, unfortunately I don’t have pics available as yet.

Your tea set is electroplate so that makes dating more difficult. However W&H used their own date-coding system on their electroplated wares so a picture of all the marks might help. Unfortunately there is no currently-published list of the date codes but I do know that one of our contributors is working on a list and might perhaps be able to provide a date.

Hello. Any chance of a photograph. There might be a date code. However some W&H pieces, especially the EPBM ones, did not have a date code. A picture would help to date it acurately.

Hi, I am struggling to get a decent photograph at the moment, I will keep trying and once I get one I will upload. Thanks very much

Finally managed to get a photo that shows the marks relatively clearly. Hope someone can help.

Think I have the picture attached now - sorry couldn’t add as one picture so split it down into 2