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Walker & Hall Silver Plate Kettle & Warmer

We suspect this is a silver plated item and would like help figuring out when made and what it may be worth. I cleaned the bottom enough to see the markings.

100_2091 crop.JPG

Yes, this is silver plate. The letter “u” is W&H’s own date code, but unfortunately there is no published reference for them. However, one of our conributors is working on these date codes and may be able to help.

This is a silver plated spirit kettle, possibly made as part of a tea set. The mark on the base dates it to 1913. The marks on the side are just psudo-marks to give the appearance of a hallmark.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help. I was wondering where I would find the information to help figure out possible date range in the future. We were shocked it is 1913.

The handle and cover are not wood or plastic. I just tested the handle using the hot needle, didn’t even make a mark. Didn’t do this before because I thought it may be plastic.

Any help in learning where to find data is greatly appreciated. I have several site that has been useful like … eld-R.html


The Walker & Hall date letter book is now available. Have a look at the ‘Books’ section.