Walker & Hall silver trophy

I would be very grateful if someone could shed some light on a silver trophy dating back to 1917 which was awarded to my Father in a Baby competition and is inscribed to that effect.As a child, I seem to remember that it required regular cleaning and sadly, my father had it treated somehow. The picture attached is how it looks today. The markings underneath easily identify it as a Walker & Hall piece by the flag, name and place of manufacture, but in case the definition is not good enough I would add that below these are numbers 1763A below which is a curvey “2”. Below that again is a circle with a strange “E”, and below that is the number 88. I would love to know whether this trophy could be restored to it’s former glory and whether there is any value attached to it. Any advice would be very much appreciated.Thank you.
cup markings2.jpg

Your trophy is silver plate which is why the surface is coming off exposing the base metal below. In this state it has no intrinsic value. Replating is possible, but I have no experience of this so cannot give even a rough cost. There are also on the market prepartions which you can apply yourself to (allegedly) restore the plating. Once again I have no experience of these products so cannot vouch for them. I can only suggest that you visit a local antique dealer or independent jeweller and ask if they can recommend anybody who might be able to carry out the replating. I should warn you that even when this is done it will add very little value to the trophy.

Replating would cost in the region of £40.

KR, Stuart