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Walker & Hall Tea set

[b][i]Hi all

We have this tea set, and are trying to find out how much it may be worth, can anyone help please?
What we know so far is that it was made by Walker & Hall in Sheffield. The date stamps show 1940 on three of the pieces, and 1939 on the fourth (the larger jug). We have a valuation receipt from 1986 showing a value of £1400 but are wondering how much it would be worth now?
The tray pictured has no markings at all so not sure if its part of the original set or not.
Many thanks in advance.

low res tea set 4.JPG
low res tea set 3.JPG
low res tea set 8.JPG

Judging by eBay prices £1400 is probably still a good ball-park figure. Note that your 1986 valuation would have been what it might have cost in an up-market antiques shop and not what you could have got by selling it. Any valuation should ignore the tray which, being unmarked, is unlikely to have any intrinsic value.