walker & hall..what is this...please

O.k. what is it. I recently came across this piece of walker & hall. The item is about 8" in dia. X 3" deep,shaped like a soda pop top (rolled edge that has a sort of crimping) and has a deep relief that depicts grapes on a vine… it is stamped walker & hall sheffield,( has the non-pointed W&H flag) w/ #s 1474 then Rd 149130. Also has what looks to be a (L) stamped into a coat of arms. From what I’ve seen on web I’m guessing silver electroplating is at use here. any help as to age & value and also “what is it” would be much apprieciated.thanks,Matt

I can’t really help with what it’s for - from your description it sounds like a dish of some sort (for fruit? grapes?), but I can tell you from the registration number that the design was registered in 1890 so it would have been made some time after that.

Thank you for your quick reply@silvermakesrmarks…sounds good to me…gonna try and get some pics of it up (my phone from which I’m posting doesn’t allow) so maybe you or anyone can confirm…thanks again,Matt

It seems I have the same question…image

Walker & Hall had a private date-coding system for their electroplate and here we have a Greek letter mu for 1895.