Wallace Bros Silver Plate Tea Set

I am trying to identify the pattern name of this Wallace Brother’s Tea Set. My best guess is that it is from the late 1800s–and was my great great grandmother’s.

The Stamp on the Bottom says:

Made and Plated by
Wallace Bro’s
Silver Company

I have googled the number and have had no luck finding anyone who has this pattern. Has anyone seen this pattern before?

Co-partnership for the manufacture of silverplated flatware and holloware formed in 1875 by Robert Wallace with his sons Robert B., William J., Henry L., George H., Frank A. and sons-in-law W.J. Leavenworth and D.E. Morris. The manufacture of holloware ceased in 1986. In 1879 the corporation of R.Wallace & Sons Mfg Co acquired and took over the business and goodwill of Wallace Brothers

By: American Silverplate marks: marks and hallmarks of US makers: Wa-Wd