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Wallace Sterling Silverware


This silverware has Wallace Silver on the back. I found a pattern on a site, and it looks like 1934 Rose Point by Wallace. What is the value if this is correct? There is 8 piece place settings, including teaspoons, serving spoon & fork, carving fork & knife, fish forks. Thanks for your help.


Hi there - there were several Wallace silver companies. Can you post a close up of the mark or describe it? Also, is the word “sterling” on each item?


Uncle Vic


Thanks for such a quick response. Yes, the word sterling is on the back of each piece. The mark on the back has WALLACE-(symbol of a deer head with antlers)-STERLING
Does that help at all? If not, I will try to get a close-up of the mark. Thanks again!


The deer head and “sterling” are all we need…the flatware is sterling and made by the Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co. of Wallingford, CT prior to 1956. I’ll take a look on & ebay and see what a set like that is selling for and report back.


Uncle Vic

#5 has a 67 pc. set of 1934 Rose Point flatware with no monograms with an asking price of $2,199. You also might want to check ebay, including the completed items to get a real world price range.

I like the pattern, very nice.


Uncle Vic


Thank you, Uncle Vic!