Walt Disney Productions Sterling Silver Charms


This is random, but after 7 hours of looking online I’ve given in.

I collect vintage sterling silver charms, and recently bought a bracelet that I think might have a Walt Disney Productions charm on it.

The dog looks so much like Lady from Lady and the Tramp. I have found pictures of Tramp online with similar marks (STER and cWDP), but for the life of me cannot find the possible Lady I have on the bracelet.

Unfortunately the mark left only says STER and a potential C for Copyright, indications of other markings are faint and rubbed away. There are 3 Lady’s I have found online, but none match.

I was wondering if anyone knows any history of sterling silver charms from Disney, and whether they were faked.

I know that the bracelet is approximately 70s/80s, as there is a Humber Bridge charm commemorating the opening dated 1981.

Thanks everyone.

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