Want to know what this J.W. Tufts piece is?

I bought this because I like it, its heavy for its size and I am wondering what it is.
On the bottom it has:

J.W. Tufts Boston Triple plate 1453

I searched for an identical item but cannot find it. I assume the 1453 is an item number for I am sure it is not a date since J.W. Tufts was in 1875.

I can't attach any pictures because the pixel size is 500X500 and neither of my camera sources allow me to take pictures of such a small range.   Will try other sources of picture taking

I think I found the answer on another Antique site. I could not attach a picture of item in question because of such a small attachment size allowed on this site. Gave up since I think I found the answer on another site.

Pleased you found your answer, but 500 pixels is adequate to give a good picture - please remember those less fortunate than yourself who only have small screens!