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Ward Bros Brooch

Hi All,

First post :slight_smile:

Found this metal detecting on Saturday and wondered about its age and if its rare?

The rear says Stirling Silver WBS

Also what would be the best way to clean it? if any…

Thank you in advance

No takers then? :confused:

Hi, nice find. I clean some of my sterling silver stuff with aluminium foil, bicarb of soda and hot water. Half rap the pin in the foil and place it in a cup. Cover the brooch with the bicarb and then pour boiling water on it till it is submerged. Wait a few minutes and then scrub with soft brush. Rinse in clean cold water. U may have to remove the stones as I am not sure what the boiling water will do to them.

Jannie’s cleaning method, while it certainly works, is not recommended for normal use as it is far too harsh and removes too much silver. Initially I would suggest a clean with a normal silver polish to see how well it works. It is likely that you will never be able to return it to a nice smooth finish but you should be able to see some improvement.

Thank you for your replies, I will try polish :slight_smile:

Any ideas on age?

Art deco type era has been suggested