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Was told Lion Passant mark but

I did something i never normally do & brought a silver graduating chain on a verbal description , he said every link had worn lion passant marks but i look at these & they look like some other type of mark , i have worn marks on some other chain & they dont look like these. Is this some other mark or are they actually worn lion marks ?

I see your difficulty here. I don’t think the marks are actually worn - just badly applied. Close examination of your pictures shows me that there are marks corresponding to lion feet in exactly the right places, and that the shape of the mark corresponds to the bottom of a Birmingham lion passant punch dating from the first half of the 20th century. My feeling is that this is OK.


Well that is very encouraging to hear Phil because i was beginning to have real doubts about those marks as i was wanting to add it to an Albert chain that has reasonably clear lion passant marks , the silver shades of both chains match so that makes me pretty happy , Cheers for that